Malena Andrade

I am a cat lady who thinks alpaca’s are adorable. I love cozy sweaters and socks, have a scattered mind, love the outdoors and coffee. I also design and code websites.

Front End Web Developer

I have been building websites and interfaces since 2008. Currently doing work for places like silverorange, Mozilla and Alaia with some amazing people.

Witnessing change

I started my career when jQuery was hot and ie6 was still the most popular browser. I've witnessed the evolution of browsers and the exponential growth of development tools.


  • Jade
  • Semantic HTML
  • Accessible HTML


  • LESS
  • Stylus
  • Bootstrap
  • Semantic UI


  • jQuery
  • Backbone
  • Angular
  • Node
  • Grunt

Doing the things that make me smile

Hiking, running, climbing, cycling, beer, chocolate, coffee, exploring the world, these are the sort of things that make me smile.